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Mazliwati Md Shah (35 tahun)

Dahulu ukur lilit pinggangnya 75 inci, sekarang sudah slim banyak, sudah tinggal 46 inci sahaja. Begitu juga dengan beratnya dari 208kg sekarang tinggal 108kg dan Bai dalam proses hendak menguruskan badannya lagi.

Waktu gemuk dahulu, bukan saja Bai susah nak jalan, dunianya hanya di atas sofa saja. Makan dan minumnya juga di situ. Nak basuh punggung sendiripun, maknya Nor Chik Talib, 58 yang lakukan. "Macam basuh punggung anak gajah..." kata Cik Nor lagi. Tapi disebabkan anak, Cik Nor lakukan dengan sesungguh hatinya. Hari ini, Cik Nor cukup bersyukur kerana semua penderitaan yang anaknya tanggung sudah berakhir.

Dahulu masa kecil, Bai cukup comel. Kulitnya putih melepak. Bila meningkat dewasa badannya masih "maintain". Mungkin sudah tersurat, Bai akhirnya menghadapi Abdominal Cellulitis atau selulit pada perut dan Habbit Obesity atau kegemukan habit sejak 2004. Peliknya kata Bai berat badannya akan bertambah naik kalau dia tak makan. Hendak kata, dia makan terlalu banyak sangat mustahil tetapi dah suratan begini, Bai terpaksa terima. Dek kerana perutnya terlalu besar, timbul urat-urat sebesar jari ******king di atas perutnya. Siapa yang tengok, pasti sedih. Jelas Bai lagi, kulit kakinya menjadi kehitaman dan kelihatan hodoh, seakan-akan kaki gajah. Tetapi sekarang, bila Bai dah cantik, struktur kulitnya juga dah berubah, lebih mulus.

Jelas Bai, ketika mula-mula mendapat rawatan di salah sebuah hospital di Sg Buloh, dari 208kg beratnya turun kepada 178kg sahaja. Bai menjalani pembedahan di HUKM iaitu laparoscopic gastric bypass bagi mengikat perutnya (usus makannya dipendekkan), berat Bai turun 158kg, turun sebanyak 20kg sahaja. Kata Bai, dia tidak pernah sedut lemak malah belum pun melakukannya lagi.

Apa rahsia Bai Kurus?

Hah! Inilah pengakhiran cerita paling menarik. Semua orang tentu nak tahu bagaimana Bai dahulunya terlalu gemuk, boleh turun sebanyak 100kg. Sebelum itu, bagi sesiapa yang nak cuba cara seperti Bai mesti tahan cubaan. Cubaan dari tidak mengadap makanan. Di HUKM, rutim makan Bai seperti berikut : Pagi, roti campur salad. Tengahari pula, sup sayur rebus (kosong sekosongnya termasuk tidak ada garam langsung) dan petang pula mihun sup campur sayur kosong sesenduk. Hah, jangan ingat semangkuk mihun sebaliknya dua sudu makan saja. Kalau ada yang sanggup, bolehlah ikut cara Bai di hospital.

Selama 72 hari di HUKM, berat Bai hanya turun 20kg saja. Selebihnya Bai mengamalkan JUS DIET MATE 5. Kalau nak tahu apa itu Jus Diet Mate 5 yang buat Bai kurus, ia formulasi dari seorang doktor dari utara. Kalau nak tahu, beli dan amalkan jus ini seperti dirinya. Ini kerana baru 3 bulan makan, berat Bai dah turun 50kg


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10 quick ways to make yourself look good
The expression 'You're as young as you feel' is true. To look good and feel younger you don't have to opt for expensive cosmetic surgery. Here, we show you ten ways to knock off the years and lift your spirits.

1 'The secret of a youthful-looking body is a youthful spine,' says fitness expert Jane Wake. 'If your posture is bad, the muscles weaken, the back bends and that adds years - at any age.
'Imagine that you are a puppet with a string attached to the bottom tip of each shoulder blade with someone pulling the piece of string, but crossing it over as if lacing a corset. Pull in your tummy muscles - you'll look ten years younger immediately.'

2 Michael Cohen, psychotherapist at the South London Natural Health Centre, says: 'If you are feeling depressed about getting older, try to recapture your youth with the Anchoring Technique.
'Create a mental image of an enjoyable past experience. Just relax, close your eyes and use all your senses to conjure up that image. Try to visualise how you looked and acted, how you felt, your energy and confidence - even your posture. 'When the scene becomes really intense and you find that you are completely enveloped in it, choose a subtle physical signal - such as touching your thumb and middle finger together to bring back that image and all the associated feelings whenever you are in need of a boost.'

3 'STOP trying to arch your brows!' says top makeup artist Ariane Poole. 'If you've over-plucked your eyebrows, they may be rather sparse. Trying to shape them or draw them into arches can be ageing.
'Use a shade of brow makeup as near to your natural hair colour as possible. Start by brushing your brows in a downwards direction then using an angled brush with some brow powder or a soft, powder eyebrow pencil, brush along the top of your brows to create definition. 'Now, brush the brows back up and you'll see an immediate difference. You can then fill in any gaps from underneath. Finish with a slick of clear mascara to seal the colour.'

4 Listen to a recording of your voice. Does it sound low and rather authoritarian or even school-marmish? Try raising the pitch slightly - the lower the tone, the older people will perceive you to be.

5 Stop worrying about laughter lines. Because our faces lose fat as we age and our brows become lower, in repose we tend to look more serious, unhappy or even cross. When you smile, your face lifts immediately and your cheeks - which may have hollowed become instantly rounder and more youthful.
So, smiling and laughing can make you look years younger, and will give your spirits a boost, too.

6 Hands are probably the biggest age giveaway and if you haven't bothered to use handcream with a sun protection factor regularly then brown liver spots may add on a few years.
Ariane Poole suggests mixing a little fake tan with an anti-ageing protective handcream. This will build up a hint of colour to take away dull winter pallor.

7 Fitness expert Jane Wake says: 'The best strengthening exercise for your back - which helps your posture no end - is to get down on the floor and think of your back as a table. Have your knees under your hips and hands under your shoulders. Your tummy is the middle of the table. 'Pull your tummy in but keep your back straight. Now think of your right arm as a table extension; lift it up and lock it in by pulling in the muscles around your right shoul-derblade. Extend your left leg, straighten out and lock by squeezing your buttocks. Hold for ten seconds. Change sides and repeat.'

8 Listen to music that you loved when you were in your teens. Music releases endorphins - the body's feelgood drug - and lifts the spirits.
According to research at the University of Texas, music stimulates the regions of the cerebral cortex that stimulate memory, which takes you back to your youth.
Studies in Edinburgh demonstrated the powerful effect of music by showing that chickens listening to tapes of Top Of The Pops laid more eggs.

9 Kevin Moss, UK creative director for celebrity hairdresser John Frieda, says: 'I completely disagree with the idea that you cannot have hair that is longer than shoulder-length once you reach 40.
'Providing you have regular trims, condition it well and make sure that the colour flatters the face, long hair is fine at any age.
'Often when women suddenly have their hair cut short they are perceived as more mature - or making an attempt to look younger. Keep your hair long or even grow it.
'But very long hair or hair that is dark and going grey can look rather witch-like and is certainly best avoided - so if you cannot bear to have it cut to just below shoulder-length wear it up, pinned loosely, and let small sections fall naturally to frame your face. 'This can look stunning, especially if you have a natural wave or curl.'

10 Finally, MISS MAZLIWATI MD SHAH, author of Real Age: Are You As Young As You Can Be? suggests that one of the best ways to stay young is to have regular sex. If you need convincing, he maintains that plenty of orgasms will knock at least 19 months from your chronological age
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